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// Who we are

Azania Rizing Productions, founded in 2008 by director Kurt Orderson was formed as a direct response to mainstream film and television, which excludes the voices of the marginalized and maintains a status quo of the dominant ideology, which favours those with money and power and does not confront the issues facing the masses, the working class.

Azania Rizing Productions endeavors to inspire young people by telling stories about Afrika and the Afrikan Diaspora at large, including teaching about Afrika’s legacy in world heritage to revive political consciousness and honour the struggle of our foremothers and fathers.

Our Services

// Our Services

  • Producing documentaries, feature films, music videos, corporate, educational films
  • Television content development
  • Marketing and distribution of independent films
  • On-line editing
  • Graphics
  • Final Sound mix
Our Clients

// Our Clients

Our Awards

// Our Awards

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